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Our aim is Traxbeat to be a music community and online chart ecosystem based on music quality rather than based on marketing or brand awareness of an artist. By participating, you will not only help on building a strong music system but you will help thousands of musicians, like you, by creating a platform where music fans will be able to learn about you and listen to your music without the use of social media or marketing tactics. It will be a long journey but do not forget that: "Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on."

Apply for Beta Access: If you have't received an invitation from us, you can apply as an artist here and we will come in touch with you.
Requirements: To fully unlock your artist account you will have to rate a random track based on your genre preferences and then upload one of your best music productions to participate in the rating process and our legacy charts.
What are Legacy Charts: Every Beta Phase will have its own legacy charts that will be acessible also after our official release.
Frequently Asked Questions: Read the Beta FAQ
01 September 2022 - 13 March 2023
Electronic Music
Type of Users Participating
Musicians (Invite Only) and Music Fans (Limited Invites from our network)
What to test?
  • Upload Music - All new users must upload at least one (1) track. We recommend that you upload one of your best tracks (Released or Unreleased). Uploading more than one track is always welcome, but not a requirement.
  • Rate Music - It's very important for all of our beta users to login and participate occasionally on rating music as this will not only help create the first beta charts but this will help our community and music ecosystem grow faster and enter into Phase 2.
  • Profile Setup - Update your artist profile with a short description and links by visiting your Settings
    Add a Picture: To add your picture or avatar click the circular image in the top left corner of the left sidebar above your name while you are logged in.
  • Music Genre Setup: Update and save your music preferences including your favorite music genres here.
What to expect?
  • Beta Legacy Charts #1 - A unique chart of all tracks participated in Phase 1 with an AVR of 5 and above that will be remain accessible after the end of all beta phases.
  • Artist Rating - Your uploaded music will affect your artist rating and ranking in our system and charts. Your rating will be shown in your profile and artist charts. Each time a track rating process is finished, your track is locked and your artist rating is getting updated. To improve your artist rating you will be able to hide some of your tracks at a later stage.
  • Music Rating & Expected Delivery Time - Every uploaded track is getting listened and rated by random users according to their music preferences. The expected delivery time for tracks' final average rating is around 30 days. The time is very depedant on how many users participate on rating music. As the random factor is high some tracks may finish earlier than others.
  • First Music Charts - We expect the first charts between November and December 2022. All track rankings will be based on each track's final rating and will appear in our charts and artist profiles.
  • First Fan Charts - A great way to improve the rating system and make users with music in mind is to rate also the raters. When a track finishes the rating process, we check each user rating along with the track's final rating. The closer it is, the better the rating and the more points the user achieves. Points are added only to users whose rating is not greater than 2 points up or below the final average rating of a song. Fan charts will award top raters with credits, that can be used to exchange with items and services at a later stage.
  • Promotion Our charts will be promoted on curators, social media, other artists, record labels, music fans and digital magazines.
  • Traxbeat Stock Awards (TSU) - To thank our beta users, each time you rate a track you earn also credits. Along with credits you earn TSU that are similar to Restricted Stock Units. Imagine that you were an early beta tester of Spotify. Today you could hold a small % of Spotify. That's what we offer you for being a long term user in our application. Please check Traxbeat Stock Awards for more details.

14 March 2023 - 14 September 2023
Electronic Music, Hip-Hop & Rock
Type of Users Participating
Musicians and Record Labels (Invite Only) and Music Fans (Limited Invites)
What to test?
Testing All Beta Phase 1 services plus:
  • Record Labels - Beta Phase 2 is focused on inviting record labels and testing our B2B services including negotiation windows with artists, live demo charts and online licensing process.
  • Distribution - If you are an artist that doesn't have a record label or want to try self-distribution, you can try out our distribution services at the lower cost of the market and 100% of royalties back to you. You will be able to deliver your music at the date of your choice to all the top digital stores including Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Shazam, Youtube and many more.
  • Demo Submissions - You will be able to submit your unreleased music to record labels throught our Demo Charts and Demo Submission pages. You will know if the record labels listened your track, rejected it or license it. Of course all demos will go through our rating process, meaning that will affect the process of your ranking and demo submission in the charts. Demos will not be available in public or your profiles unless you release them.
  • Online Licensing - Having a great demo with a good rating is like saying to a record label "Hey, here is a top class track". Record labels will not waste time and will be able to negotiate with you through Traxbeat fast and easy.
What to expect?
Testing All Beta Phase 1 services plus:
  • Record Labels - You will have access to record labels, negotiation windows and agreements to license your unreleased music with registered labels.
  • Faster Rating Delivery Time - We expect the delivery time to be reduced to 15 days from 30 days in Phase 1.
  • Better Music Charts - We will expand charts with more categories like viewing the best tracks per DAW or the best track per Language and more.
  • Monthly Fan Charts - In Beta Phase 2, our Fan Charts will be reseted every month.

01 August 2023 - 31 January 2024
To Be Announced