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"Don't just dream. We can make it happen."

Want to be among the first to use Traxbeat?

Click the "Beta Access" button and fill out the form to apply for beta. We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that beta access is limited at this time.

Nowadays social media & marketing are playing a major role in sales and success of a track. Less than 1% of artists are enjoying the revenue of streams white the rest of musicians are still undiscoverable, even if they produce quality music.

The major reason why we developed Traxbeat is that you, the artist deserve much more opportunities and most importantly a fair competition in the music industry. We created a chart platform that is based on pre-ranking your music before goes live to the stores through a unique rating process. This way we also filter the music without having any kind of marketing or sales involved during the rating progress. This means that even if you have just 1 follower in your instagram, if your music is good, music fans will learn about you. We know it sounds great but without you is impossible to make it happen. We want to make the music world much better and more fair towards the real artists. If you feel the same join us from the begining of this journey.

We have developed the tools & services to help you also distribute your music. If you are a musician or a band, we look forward to watching you grow on Traxbeat. We want to help you get noticed by record labels and real true fans. Sign Up now to participate and access our Beta and find out why Traxbeat is different than any other music platform.


Free song rating by the appropriate DJs & music fans.
Enter a fair music & ranking competition.
Submit & license your demo to record labels.
View enhanced stats including ratings and target audience.

... plus many more to help you succeed in the music industry.


You may be one of the thousands of artists that we never heard of. As an artist you want to reach new audience, make fans, license your music to a record label and become successfull. In Traxbeat marketing, networking, luck and money doesn't count. As we grow, you will grow. All you need is to upload great music...
Sign Up for beta and let's make it happen.