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Filtering music through a unique rating & ranking process before going live.

Million of songs remain undiscoverable.
You may read big numbers everywhere but the truth is actually hidden deeper into those numbers. No matter how good a piece of music is, most of the songs will not get what they deserve. Our mission is simply to bring out the best music, the tracks that deserves to be to the top, and distribute a portion of the pie evenly as much as possible. All together, we can make it happen and bring back quality!


Get your music rated, fairly!
Say no to fake marketing!
Say yes to more quality music!
Get more people to discover your track through charts.
Demo & Promo Submission before your release.
Worldwide Music Distribution.
Daily stats per release.
Unique artist profile.

... plus many more to help you get what your really deserve.

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Anti-Spam demo submissions.
Listen demos as exploring a chart.
Enhanced rating & genre fan stats per demo.
DJ & Radio Promotion.

... plus many more to save you time & expenses.

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Get into the fan charts and be the best listener of the world.
Get access to a new way of exploring music.
Rate & Discover new music and artists.
Use credits to download music or get prizes.

... plus many more to be announced.

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Hundreds of thousands of songs are never heard. Musicians struggle to survive and get noticed, record labels are unable to handle the enormous amount of demo submissions and fans have limited time and resources to discover great music through million of releases.

Our aim is not only to bring the right music to the right people but also create a fair music competition but most important change the game.