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Revenue from digital sales and streaming services is what record labels are trying to improve. According to IFPI music streaming nowadays plays a big role for helping the music industry to return to sustainable growth following a 15-year period during which revenues dropped by nearly 40%. Though the problem still persists while music piracy, quantity & quality and marketing expenses have their own unique role on this.

What the music industry needs is the right tool to filter music in the right direction and deliver the appropriate songs to the right audience. In Traxbeat we use a unique rating process per upload to improve music quality delivery and help your record label work smarter and faster. You can receive, listen, review, analyze and reject or license any demo fast and securely. Not only you will take better decisions but in the long run, rated songs will get ranked accordingly in our charts to help you increase your revenue and without the risk of losing money to solidify market position of your record company.

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Fast online demo review & licensing negotiations.
Access to exclusive demo & live rating charts.
Enhanced rating & genre fan stats per demo.
Exclusive demo submission page & profile.
No dead audio links, no duplicated content, no spam content.

... plus many more to save you time & expenses.


There are thousands of great artists & songs that you have never heard of, more than 90% are still undiscovered. Demo submissions through email is a major problem because there is no way to filter music correctly. Traxbeat offers you the tools to filter and analyze online your demos by ratings and find out the selling value of a song before entering into a licensing agreement. Sign Up for a record label account and let's find together who are the next rising music stars.