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Get access to great new music (Limited Seats)

Want to be among the first Music Fans to use Traxbeat?

Click the "Beta Access" button and fill out the form to apply for beta. We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that beta access is limited at this time.

Music is not only about sounds. Music is a way of expression, a way of entertainment, a way of life. We listen music to dream, to feel good, to dance, to travel, to love, to chill, to sleep...

We have access to tons of music that we are unable to listen to all. There are artists and bands that we could love and support but we may never be able to discover and listen to them. Our goal is to make them discoverable and bring them closer to you, the djs, the music fans. Traxbeat offer you the tools to filter music & explore quality music charts by ranking the songs you rated for.

By rating music you can also be a part of the music fan & dj charts where those who understand music better will shine and get noticed by the music world. Top music fans can earn great prizes every month and also be eligigble for the music fan of the year.

If you are a DJ, a Music Curator or just a Music Fan, we look forward to see you discovering and supporting the music you truly love. Sign Up now to get access to our beta release to rate and discover music that you will love.

Limited seats available

In our beta version, a limited number of music fans will be able to fully test and participate in our music evaluation program and help us develop a quality music chart platform.

Charts made by you.

Currently charts are based on song sales or streams/plays where marketing and promotion are reflecting the artist's popularity and a song's success. In Traxbeat we strongly believe that the success of a song must be based on music quality criteria and not on marketing and other external factors. Therefore users participate in a blind rating system that evaluates songs and rank each song according to music preferences. In this way, we can discover the music we really like, something we have not been able to do before, without dedicating endless hours of searching on the internet. For example, if there were 1000 songs from which at the end we would only like 10 then we actually heard 990 songs we didn't like. Here is where Traxbeat can help you. Traxbeat filters these songs by ranking them with your help in order to facilitate your search without having to listen to it all. Sign Up now to discover new great artists and songs that are still undiscoverable.