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Discover Hidden Musical Gems with Traxbeat!

In a world where thousands of incredible songs receive fewer than 10 plays, some of these very tracks could potentially become chart-topping hits. Astonishingly, 99% of musicians and bands worldwide earn less than a US annual salary from their music sales. The market is flooded with music, surpassing demand, and the lack of an effective filter exacerbates this issue, leaving numerous tracks undiscovered. This problem is compounded by unfair competition perpetuated by costly marketing efforts, yielding meager results for artists who often spend more than they earn. The prevailing statistics depict today's music landscape as an uncharted cosmic realm.

Recognizing the abundance of hidden talents and extraordinary compositions around us, Traxbeat is here to level the playing field for artists and fans alike. Developed by a team of music enthusiasts and creators, Traxbeat offers an all-in-one platform designed to impartially evaluate and rank music solely based on its quality. Our mission is to ensure that artists receive the recognition they truly deserve, based on their musical achievements rather than marketing prowess.

At Traxbeat, we employ an innovative approach. Through a fair and anonymous rating process, we match users with tracks that align with their preferences and values. This not only generates distinctive and robust music charts but also introduces artists to a wider audience of listeners and music aficionados, sans the need for intrusive marketing strategies.

Simultaneously, our rating service aids record companies in identifying top-tier demo submissions. This enables efficient talent discovery, making it quicker than ever before to uncover the next big hit, while sparing industry professionals from sifting through countless tracks that don't align with their tastes. Our streamlined Agreement services further simplify interactions between artists and record labels, facilitating track licensing with just a few clicks on the Traxbeat platform.

Yet, Traxbeat's offerings extend beyond this. We also provide music distribution services akin to platforms like DistroKid and CDBaby, but at a reduced cost and with an array of additional services, including in-bound sales opportunities through our charts.

And that's not all – we present the Music Fan Charts. At the culmination of the song rating process, users who participated in the rating receive points, contingent on how closely their ratings aligned with the final average. This gamified element enhances user engagement and rewards their valuable input.

Join us at Traxbeat and embark on a journey to uncover outstanding music that would otherwise remain hidden. Together, we're revolutionizing the music industry for artists and fans, ushering in a new era of discovery and appreciation.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We, at Traxbeat, want:

  • to generate charts based on music quality, not on marketing or brand awareness.
  • to offer the same opportunity to all artists, music creators, musicians & bands to succeed (no matter how known or unknown they are) according to, and only to, their true passion for music, their music quality & abilities.
  • to help record companies filter, discover and license the music that really interests them.
  • to help indie artists and record labels increase their revenue from their music according to their music.
  • to help music fans have fun while discovering new exciting music.
  • to be the future of music industry.