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About Traxbeat

Traxbeat is a new music startup company connecting artists, record companies, and passionate music fans. Traxbeat filters and ranks music through a unique rating progress to chart songs according also to music criteria and not only marketing. Our mission is indie artists and record labels get access to a wider genre audience and increase their revenue stream and fan base. By building a community of creatives we will be able to help fans discover and enjoy music faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Problem
90% of the music remains undiscoverable. Music industry still lacks of the right filtering tool.

The biggest problem that exists today in the music industry is that music supply exceeds demand, and since there is no reliable filter to overcome this problem, more than 90% of the music remains undiscoverable and thousands of musicians struggle to get heard, achieve recognition and maintain revenue. This creates an unfair competition where artists have to find ways to deal with it. One of the ways is that the artists use social media along with other online marketing tools to make their music heard, but they do not actually have the desired results. Usually those with extra skills, (such is marketing, networking, money etc.) are most likely to succeed.

There are so many great musicians, bands and songs that we will never discover and we, at Traxbeat, feel that this is unfair not only for musicians but also for record labels and music fans. To find a solution to this problem, we developed a service to filter & rank music, fairly and meritocratically for all.

Our Solution
Real genre fan engagement, charts based on music criteria.

Our solution is based on a "Blind Rating" service. By "Blind Rating" we mean the process of rating a random song (in a scale of 1-10) without giving visual information to the rater about the song or the artist until the evaluation is completed by the user. Of course in order to make this work and to avoid any rating manipulation, we are using user-defined filters to make the right matching between a user and a track. Through this procedure we filter the music and we provide to artists and record labels a great service to evaluate music before a public releases and to music fans a great new way to discover new music.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We, at Traxbeat, want:

  • to help indie artists and record labels get more revenue from their music.
  • to help the music industry recover.
  • to give to artists the freedom to concentrate more on creating new and exciting music.
  • to offer the same opportunity to all artists & bands to succeed (no matter how known or unknown they are) according to, and only to, their music quality & music abilities.
  • to help artists learn what their music really deserves.
  • to help record companies filter, discover and license the music that really interests them.
  • to help artists and record companies get more revenue than nowadays and avoid unecessary expenses.
  • to help music fans discover new artists and enjoy better music in less time.