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Thousand of songs have less than 10 total plays while some could be the No1 hit song. 99% of musicians and bands worldwide make less than a US salary within a year from sales of their music. Music supply exceeds demand, and since there is no reliable filter to overcome this problem, more and more music will remain undiscoverable. Marketing has created an unfair competition where every artist spents more money than he makes and most of the times without any substantial result at the end. The stats prove that music nowadays is like an undiscovered black hole in the universe.

We do know that there are so many undiscovered talents around us and great songs that we will not have the chance to listen to them. We, at Traxbeat, feel that this is unfair for you, the artists and the fans. We developed a service to filter & rank music, fairly and meritocratically for all.

Created by people who creators and music lovers, Traxbeat is an all-in-one platform that aims to rank songs based strictly on music quality and rank them according to user ratings through a blind and fair rating process. We want to help artists get closer to what they really deserve according to their music outcome rather than marketing. Traxbeat does this by randomly playing tracks to registered users, according to their user-defined filters to achieve the right matching between the user and the track. In this way we not only create unique and strong music charts but we also bring artists in front of more listeners and music fans without the use of marketing tools.

At the same time, we are using the rating service for demo submissions so that record companies can filter out and listen the best available demos. All these make finding the next top track faster than ever before and without getting spammed by thousand of "not your style" tracks. Our Agreement services make it even more easier for a record label to negotiate with the artist and license a track with a few clicks within Traxbeat.

Traxbeat doesn't end here though. Traxbeat also distributes your music like Distrokid, CDBaby etc. but at a lower cost and with more services including our in-bound sales through our charts.

We also have the Music Fan Charts. At the end of the song rating process, each user who rated the song will receive points depending on how close their rating was to the final average rating.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We, at Traxbeat, want:

  • to generate charts based on music quality, not on marketing or brand awareness.
  • to offer the same opportunity to all artists, music creators, musicians & bands to succeed (no matter how known or unknown they are) according to, and only to, their true passion for music, their music quality & abilities.
  • to help record companies filter, discover and license the music that really interests them.
  • to help indie artists and record labels increase their revenue from their music according to their music.
  • to help music fans have fun while discovering new exciting music.
  • to be the future of music industry.